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of millions of people watching across the country. will there be a mitt romney moment tonight to push the president out of the driver's seat? there is shifting in our new numbers. we will break down our new national poll to see where the race is tightening slightly in romney's favor. the most important number may be romney's 47%. the deep dive down memory lane for the good, bad and ugly of the modern presidential debate, the winners, losers, zingers and the awkward that help decide. good morning from the university of denver. a beautiful campus here, debate day, wednesday, october 3. this is "the daily rundown." i'm chuck todd. let's get to my first read. everything has been said about the importance of tonight's debate. now it is up to the candidates themselves who will meet on the university of denver on the same stage. romney has inched up slightly in our "wall street journal" poll. the bad news when you dig deeper you see the structural problems facing romney as he tries to catch up and how damaging the 47% remark was and is to the campaign. is there such a thing as a commanding l
say the numbers are in their favor. but president obama and governor romney are barnstorming coast to coast in a race against the clock. right now it is 3-2-1 countdown as in 321 hours until the first polls close. meanwhile in the nation's heartland could republican's senate nominee richard murdoch take romney down with him? among undecided suburban women voters in other states. >>> and you have to pull up a chair to see the latest ad from clint eastwood. he is lending his now unmistakable voice to a new tv ad by the country's biggest republican super pac. good morning from chicago. it is 13 days until election day. as we told you, wednesday, october 24, 2012. this is "the daily run-down." i am chuck todd. let's get to the first reads of the morning. president obama and governor romney crisscrossed the country today with a new urgency. though the campaigns are still fighting over a slice of undecided voters, just look at their schedules and it is clear the focus really is more on turning out their own voters. the base voters. the president. he begins a frenetic 48-hour tour which w
obama and mitt romney. packed a punch. the biggest bellwether of the night might be a back and forth, not over the middle east, china or europe but ohio. a battle over the buckeye state was one of the few topics that pushed romney to engage the president and ohio's one of seven battleground states. we'll show you where you'll see the candidates nonstop. one state not on the list anymore, nevada. find out why the silver state may be gold for the president's electoral vote. good morning from lynn university in boca raton, florida. two weeks until election day. let me repeat, it's two weeks until election day, and also october 23, 2012, this is "the daily rundown" and i'm chucked to. let's get to first reads. the third and final debate between president obama and mitt romney was a study in contrast. but it wasn't contrast on the debate itself. an aggressive president acting like a candidate with more to prove and a risk averse romney playing prevent defense, aiming to do no harm. president gamed arm with zingers trying to disqualify romney as potential commander in chief and romney hit
. mitt romney delivers and making republicans wondering where that guy has been during these many long months of the general election. as for the president, he was subdued and surprised by not attacking mitt romney more. never uttering words like bayne, bush, or 47%. it's going to be a long two weeks before the next debate in new york for team obama. and of course, it all happened right here in battleground, colorado. it's a state that's been trending quickly from red to purple in recent years. will the first debate keep it from going blue again for the president and going back to red? good morning again from the university of denver. thursday, october 4th. 2012. this is "daily rundown." i'm chuck todd. a big hour ahead, including daily reaction from orrin hatch, governor martin o'malley and many more. let's get to the first read of the morning. in what may be the most substantive debate in the era of televised presidential debates. mitt romney performed as if his campaign depended on it, while a surprisingly subdued president obama allowed his challenger to dictate the terms of the de
romney up close as he offers his vision of the future, and what he would do as president. but even more startling is the president's complete failure to put forth an agenda for the next four years. >> people want to know they have a strong, steady hand in the oval office and they don't want someone who is reckless. we all remember his "dukes of hazard" tour of international destinations over the summer. >> but tonight's session on foreign policy, which sounded weeks ago like a potential mismatch, an incumbent president responsible for the death of osama bin laden in the ring against a one-term governor with little foreign policy experience now looks like a fairer fight. the president's edge on who would make a better commander in chief has slipped from eight points a month ago to just three. he leads romney 44-41 on that issue in our new poll. overall, the president leads romney on who is best equipped to handle foreign policy by eight points. 46-38. but romney is viewed as a viable alternative. tonight's format will break down this way. moderator, cbs's bob schieffer divided the 90-deb
? will mitt romney deliver a moment that shifts the trajectory of the race? great expect tapgss. romney campaign co-share will be here to preview the debate. we'll also talk to debar wasser man shultz about what's at stake for the president. >>> is it the spirit of america? a feisty debate for elizabeth warren and scott brown. both struggled on basic answers on washington. scalia and lugar. good morning from littleton, colorado, just outside of denver in the all-important denver suburbs. the swingiest part of the state. it's tuesday, october 2nd, 2012. i'm chloyce talbott. mitt romney landed in colorado last night and scored the endorsement of the big guy. the legendary quarterback and now executive vice president of football operations john elway. it was the only scheduled talk. it was a stealth bomber in the background there. romney tried to tamp down expectations in the back. >> people want to know who is going to win? who is going to score the punches and who is going to make the biggest difference in the arguments they make? in my view, it's not so much winning or losing or even th
's time for chuck todd. did i guess? >>> front and center. mitt romney marches into battleground virginia to outline his foreign policy vision. if he gets into the white house, we know he'll offer a rhetorical contrast to president obama, but how much space is there on policy? and is this an official break from the bush doctrine? also, the biden ryan debate in kentucky. will the vice president avoid any quote bumps in the road as the president described his own performance over the weekend and how will paul ryan perform on the biggest stage of his career. plus, you say tomato. i say electoral. find out how some trade decisions could affect the election in some key states. good morning, it's monday, october 8th, 2012. i'm chuck todd. i know some of you are celebrating as if this is some federal holiday. there is no day off when it's 29 days until the november election. if mitt romney is going to be president of the united states, then next week, iowa and ohio will be coin flip races. we're seeing a more confidence mitt romney on the trail. >> we had a little debate earlier this week and i
. was it enough to stop romney's momentum? robert gibson how the president tried to put the denver debate downer behind him and reince priebus on romney's road ahead with one debate and less than three weeks to go. and the college student who asked the very first question last night. find out whether either answer from the candidates hit the mark for him and what was it like to get ready for the big night. good morning from new york city. it's 20 days until election day and it's wednesday, october 17th, 2012. this is "the daily rundown" and i'm chuck todd. if you like your debate scrappy, which two candidates don't seem to like and maybe respect each other too much, governor romney and president obama delivered big time. the two candidates debated as if both of their political careers depended on it because well, they do. from the start, it was confrontational, petty, you name it as the two men literally circled each other like boxers in the ring. >> not true, governor romney. >> by how much did you cut them by? how much did you cut federal license on federal waters? >> governor romney, here's w
, tomorrow's town hall debate in new york could be a turning point for romney it's an opportunity to clear what has been his biggest hurdle, the likability problem. understand the problems of regular people. meanwhile, the president badly needs to reverse the momentum which is looking more and more like a coin-flip race. no more agendas. the buts are eroding. and the president is in virginia where he will remain until he arrives in long island tomorrow. a half hour trip sunday to a local campaign oh office he delivered pizzas and made phone calls to volunteers. >> i wanted to call and say thank you. i'm over at the williamburg office and i know you have been working so hard for the campaign. >> senator john kerry who is playing romney in the debate prep has been spotted carrying a massive binder, multicolored tabs. the presidential campaign says that we will find an aggressive president in round two. >> ed gillespie responded so that on fox. >> even if he changes his style, and whatever political tactic the president settles on is being in the best interest, he can't change his record and
. meanwhile, governor romney, he's back on the trail in florida. there's still just six days until the election. what does that tell us about where the campaign stakes are really in play this morning. good morning from washington. it's wednesday, october 31st, 2012. happy halloween. this is "the daily rundown." i'm chuck todd. let's get right to may first reads of the morning. we're still a long way from recovery. today after hurricane sandy's devastation we're seeing the very first signs of a return to what may be some normalcy as millions attempt to put the pieces back together. this hour new york city mayor michael bloomberg will ring the opening bell at the new york stock exchange which plans to be fully operational despite blackouts and flooding in lower manhattan. two of the area's major airports, jfk and newark in new jersey have opened with some limited service this morning. but new york's laguardia airport remains closed after major flooding. overall, nearly 19,000 flights canceled since sunday. the presidential campaign is resuming sort of. while the president will spend
the election? meanwhile a shifted swagger as mitt romney waits to see if his numbers swing up after a decisive debate. he certainly has a spring in his step out on the campaign trail. on the whole 47% comment that never came up at the debate romney says he was wrong. as for the president, he put some mileage between himself and the mile high city with much more fiery talk than anything we heard from him at the actual debate. but is the president's tough talk too little too late? good morning from washington. it's friday, october 5th, 2012. this is "the daily rundown." i'm chuck todd. we'll have much more on the new jobs numbers in minutes with economist mark zandi, texas senator kay bailey hutchison is here, and an exclusive this morning senior adviser to the president david plouffe. but first right to my first reads of the morning. we'll hear from the obama and romney campaigns on the jobs numbers. i'm sure a ton on the campaign trail. they're in the big three battleground states at some point shadowing each other yet again this morning in the old dominion and the president hits cleveland, oh
separate president obama and governor romney from the next four years. polls tight in seven tossup states, they're racing across the country to pave that way to 270 electoral votes. ohio is one of those crucial states and we're here on the ground in cincinnati with a deep dive into the key counties to watch on election night to know which way the buckeye state will break. new developments in the aftermath of the attack that killed the u.s. ambassador in libya. secretary of state hillary clinton comments on the latest revelations. good morning from cincinnati. it's thursday, october 25th, 2012. this is "the daily rundown." i'm chuck todd. i think we're now under three hours until the first poll closed. developing now, live pictures of an obama campaign rally in tampa, florida. the president in the middle of a 48-hour nonstop campaign swing after an overnight flight from nevada. he's hitting the trifecta today. he'll be in virginia and ohio later and then a stop in chicago to vote early before heading back to the white house for a little bit of sleep late tonight. the president is expected
romney. >>> kentucky derby, all eyes turn to the bluegrass state. how much pressure faces paul ryan. and this morning, former penn state football coach jerry sandusky finds out if he'll spend the rest of his life in prison on 45 counts of child sex abuse, he already put out a taped statement denying it all. we'll have the latest from the courthouse as soon as it happens. it is happening within minutes there in pennsylvania. >>> good morning from washington, it's four weeks until election day, tuesday, october 10. will romney serve in national polling translate into gains where it really matters t battleground states, the mimpb battleground states of iowa, wisconsin and ohio. romney will not be president unless he can put these states in play. in a new pew poll conducted since wednesday. just last month in the same poll, romney trailed by eight points. driving romney surge, a spike in republican enthusiasm, more republicans made it through pew's likely voter screen than democrats. and a larger group of registered voters, the candidates are tied at 46. while it's unlikely returns on e
. and after ace romney beat ace obama in game one, democrats are looking for their number two starter, joe biden, to try to even the score. republicans are hoping to go 2-0. team obama needs a strong performance from biden to make up for last week and change the subject, which the president is still being forced to explain. >> governor romney had a good night. i had a bad night. >> not bad. >> well, it's not the first time i've had a bad night, but i think what's important is that the fundamentals of what this race is about haven't changed. governor romney went to a lot of trouble to try to hide what his positions are because he knows that those ideas have been rejected. they won't work. and if he's making an honest presentation about what he's proposed, he will lose. >> of course, the president's poor performance means there may be more pressure on biden than ryan tonight. yet despite the pressure, anyone who watched biden during the 2008 democratic primary debates might consider him the favorite going into tonight. yes, he's prone to hyperbole, yes he hasn't had much practice with tv int
colorado. can a solid performance at the denver debate help mitt romney change the perceptions and boost his poll numbers? >>> and the expectations game isn't slowing down one bit. both sides say the other side was one of the most gifted debate performers in the history of mankind. so if they're both right, then this should be a heck of a night on wednesday, shouldn't they? lincoln douglas, watch out. >>> plus at the brink, a special nbc news report from all across the middle east, afghanistan, iran, syria, as multiple situations grow more dangerous da, what challenges face this president and whoever takes office in january? >>> good morning from washington. it's monday, october 1st, 2012. this is the daily rundown. i'm chuck todd. one more rundown. let's get to the rundown. mitt romney need as great october to change the course of this campaign. for your him it had to begin wednesday night in denver. romney had just a rough three weeks. he's had a rough three months. you could argue that romney hasn't, quote, won a month in this campaign since may or june. a trailing campaign has just a
obama and governor romney hit the trail for the last time before monday's foreign policy debate in boca raton. when the candidates leave florida tuesday there will be just 14 days left in this race, folks. romney, paul, ryan, even ann romney campaigned in the sunshine state. the vice president will stump in florida as well. president obama holds a rally in fairfax, virginia, before leaving for camp david where he's doing his foreign policy debate prep this weekend. florida is to romney what ohio is to the president. it's a state that the campaign believes they are going to win, but also view as a must-win. it's not an accident that for the first time romney is doing his debate prep in a swing state rather than at home. they'll prepare in del ray beach near west palm. on monday night the candidates will clash once again on the administration's handling of the september 11th attack in benghazi. and this morning the associated press has been reporting that will drive that debate. the cia station chief in libya reported to washington, the cia in washington -- probably more accurately mcclai
. >>> president obama and governor romney share a stage are for the second time in three days, but this time it's all smiles for catholic charities. and the zingers, though, were still flying, but we all know behind every joke there's some truth they're trying to impart. >>> and the president stopped by "the daily show" and is far less humor ouz. some serious talk about libya. could continuing questions about the handling of the benghazi attack and its aftermath hamper him on election day or at monday's debate? >>> and let your feet do the talking. it's not just the polls that tell us who is up and who is down. watch where the cant datz and their top surrogates are going with just 18 days until election day. that's the real tell. good morning from washington. it's friday, october 19, 2012. this is "the daily rundown." i'm chuck todd. an incredibly packed show. some senate debate highlights. a lot of senate debates last night. i'll have that for you later in the show. we have a new decision app deal, sliders, big stack the stage if you love that app, and i have polls. so let me get to my first r
of the tuesday debate. instead, it is governor romney's binders full of women and the renewed effort by both campaigns to win over these swing suburban women voters. >>> good morning from washington. it's thursday, october 18th, 2012. this is the daily rundown, i'm chuck todd. it's the middle of october, folks. this thing is racing by. let's get right to my first read of the morning. okay. with 19 days to go, the candidates are barnstorming the battleground states today. then the president and mitt romney share a stage again tonight -- this time for let sniping and more laughs. president holds a rally in manchester, new hampshire this morning. the vice president is in nevada. paul ryan, florida. bill clinton and springsteen, as we told you, ohio. stringstein w springsteen was a closer for obama in 2008 and will also make a stop for the president in ames, iowa today. the boss announced his support wednesday night quoting his song, "long walk home," saying the president is the best to lead us to a country where "no one crowds you and no one goes it alone." >>> the president will also tape an a
, they got up with some others and came to the consulate, to the aid of their fellows. >> romney renews his push to win ohio this morning, he's kicking off a three-stop tour through ohio. he's trailing the president but now by just four points. last night in ohio, romney rolled out an al terp tiff line to the president's call for four more years. >> they chant four more years, four more years, and today they're 28 days before the election, i think the right chant ought to be four more weeks. >> it was this chant that romney made to the des moines register made an attack to turn towards the center. >> do you intend to pursue any legislation specifically regarding abortion? >> there's no legislation which regards to abortion that i'm familiar with that would become part of my ageneral do, but thing that would change however that would be done by executive order that i would reinstate the -- >> governor romney would of course support legislation providing greater protection for life. and mitt romney is proudly pro-life and he will be a pro life president. >>> the obama campaign said romney's s
is kaiser soze? >>> hi hopes, with polls shifting in its favor, mitt romney looks to build on his momentum with another strong debate performance and president obama, he needs to try to win over both the audience in tonight's town hall and those voters will are kind of undecided or who thought they were going to stick with him that might be on the verge of breaking romney's way if he doesn't perform well tonight. one topic sure to come up is libya and secretary of state hillary clinton is giving the president some political cover by taking full responsibility for the security failures that led to the death of u.s. diplomats in benghazi. >>> just like old time, h ross perot the third name in the headlines on a presidential debate day. he is choosing sides and making news in a key battleground state when he does t >>> good morning from new york city 21 days until election day, a few miles away from the debate site at hofstra in long island, tuesday, october 16, 2012 this is the daily run down, ima chuck todd. get right to my first reads to of the morning. a decisive victory for either candid
romney says i've got to go make dinner. bye-bye. >> what's next? >> i want pizza. >>> 270. you know that number. it is the magic number on the minds of both campaigns with just 19 days left. but today a special deep dive into another number. it is 269, as in the two dreaded 269-269 electoral college tie. by the way, it is a very real possibility this november and it would send our system crashing into the courts and truly test us in a constitutional crisis. we're going to go deep into that. >>> buckeye of the beholder. ohio takes center stage again, this time for a fight over energy policy. we're live in youngstown and guess who else is on stage in ohio today? that's right, the boss man, bruce springsteen hits the trail with bill clinton for president obama and it begins in ohio today. >>> and woeing women. who would have expected that libya would not be the biggest story out of the tuesday debate. instead, it is governor romney's binders full of women and the renewed effort by both campaigns to win over these swing suburban women voters. >>> good morning from washington. it's thurs
voice went after a message he's been dealing all week long. romney's trustworthiness. >> trust matters. you know what, ohio, after all these years, you now know me. you know that i mean what i say. >> and almost the exactly same moment 150 mys west mitt romney took the starj in one of the great names in battleground politics, defiance, ohio, and he borrowed a page from the president's 2008 page book calling himself the president of change. >> this is a time when america faces big challenges. we have a big election and we want a president who will actually bring big changes and i will and he won't. >> well, we know ohio has been the ultimate bellwether in presidential elections for the last 50 years and the president's been putting a big emphasis on early voting both here and in other battleground states which is why he decided to be the first president, well, early vote and dit yesterday in chicago. >> we need some i.d. >> oh, no. >> i got my driver's license here. >> yes, by law even the president has to show i.d. to vote early in illinois. meanwhile, both sides are dealing with unexp
due respect, that is malarkey. >> under a romney administer, we will have credibility under this issue. >> vice president biden. >> that's incredible. >> thank goodness we have these sanctions in place. >> oh, god. >> over 100 can criminal investigations have been launched. >> go ahead. >> martha, look -- >> and at one point the vice president seemed to even hold himself back from actually cursing. >> this is a bunch of stuff. >> what does that mean, a bunch of stuff? >> it means it's simply inaccurate. >> it's irish. >> irish call it malarkey. >> ryan, of course, largely avoided taking the bait. he did push back at biden a few times including this little zinger. >> mr. vice president, i know you're under a lot of duress but i think people would be better served if we don't keep interrupting each other. >> the democratic base needed a shot in the arm and biden gave it to them, deploying several attacks that romney failed to use in just one minute of the debate. one minute. auto bailout, his statement that the foreclosure crisis could have run its course and the infamous 47% remark. tak
does it mean for early voting? governor romney's recent momentum and president obama's chance to look presidential in this final week. >>> one state already feeling the direct effect of the storm is right here just outside of us in virginia today. we're breaking down the recent success for democrats in the old dominion and what are the president's chances to do it again? good morning from a very rainy washington. it's monday, october 29th, 2012. this is "the daily rundown." i'm chuck todd. let's get right to my first reads of the morning. and it's this. a massive category 1 storm, but it's a large one. and it's bearing down on the east coast just eight days before the election. nearly 60 million people are in hurricane sandy's path one way or the other. and it stretches more than 800 miles from north carolina to maine. and as sandy barrels towards the east coast, it is already bringing heavy rainfall and sustained winds up to 85 miles an hour. now, it's not just wind and rain. as much as three feet of snow is forecast in parts of west virginia. officials estimate repairing the damage
. meanwhile, president obama and governor romney canceled more campaign plans, essentially freezing the race in place with just seven days to go. could sandy reset the tone of the race in the final hours? or even delay the election? >>> and that broken construction crane, folks, it's still dangling, dangerously high above the streets of midtown manhattan. the latest on that and much more in minutes. we've got that live briefing from mayor michael bloomberg that comes up in this hour. good morning from washington. it's still one week until election day, believe it or not, tuesday, october 30th, 2012, this is the "daily rundown," i'm chuck todd. let's get right to what we know this hour. at least 18 people have been killed, early estimates, but the damage from sandy at somewhere between $10 billion and $20 billion, but that figure could rise as people assess in the daylight. nearly 8 million people waking up without power this morning. sandy made landfall as what's being called a post tropical cyclone on the southern coast of new jersey not too far from atlantic city at about 8:00 p.m., sustai
Search Results 0 to 45 of about 46 (some duplicates have been removed)